Abstract class. When you should use them and why

Abstract is similar to an Interface, but not quite An abstract class (often called a base class) has similarities to a interfaces if you are already familiar with them. One of the bigger differences are the following: Multiple interfaces can be inherited in a single class, only one abstract class can be inherited. Interfaces only have […]

Func &Action No more delegates in C#

So Delegates.. What’s the point? If you haven’t heard of delegates before, that’s OK. Func and Action will help you understand them better as they are cleaner and easier to understand than old fashion delegates. You can learn about them in my last post here. Basically, they are a pointer or reference to a function […]

JSON for Beginners: Understanding its Awesomeness versus SOAP messages

What does JSON stand for and where is it from? JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It was created out of a need for a lightweight transportation format. JSON provided this lightweight data-interchange format. It is based on a subset of JavaScript Programming Language in the Standard ECMA-262 3rd Edition created back in 1999. Why use JSON? What about other […]

JSON converter with uncommon formatting

What Is JSON? JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a very powerful and lightweight data-interchange format. This means that as long as the sender and receiver understand the syntax and format, you can send very lightweight objects back and forth. This format is most commonly used in the web programming space outside of XAML formats (such as […]

TypeScript 2.0, AngularJs 2.0 and Visual Studio in harmony: Setting up Visual Studio to have NO TypeScript compile errors without custom templates

What is TypeScript? TypeScript is an interesting language. It is an open-source programming language that was created by Microsoft. It is considered a superset of JavaScript and ultimately compiles down to JavaScript at the end of the day. Is it new? Actually no! Much like the MVC pattern, it’s been around a while (not quite […]

New FREE .NET Training

Hello readers! I wanted to let everyone who subscribes to my blog ( and those visiting for the first time) that there is a new You tube channel I have created tailored to your needs as .NET developers. Who is this channel for? Good question. This channel is for EVERYONE! I am in the middle […]