I am a Senior-level Software Engineer working primarily these days with .NET. I have worked with C/C++, Lisp, PHP, and JavaScript/JQuery in various projects. Within the .NET framework, I am proficient with ASP.NET MVC/Web Forms, LINQ, WCF web services (SOA and REST services) and Windows Services. I currently work on a project that has me mainly working within the business and data layers in C# and Oracle as the backend. Also working on client side business logic and validations using vanilla JavaScript and JQuery.

I have been in the software engineering industry for about 8 years now and will not now nor ever consider myself an β€œexpert” in programming because there is always so much to learn. My favorite thing about designing software is there are always new emerging technologies and something to learn every day! My current job has me spending much of my job on the bleeding edge of technologies and changing gears all the time, so I’m never bored and always challenged.

In my spare time I enjoy weight training, reading and venturing to new places near by. Of course programing and learning new technologies are another hobby of mine.

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  1. It’s great to see other programmers who have the “anti-expert” mindset. I get the feeling that if I ever start calling myself an expert then I will no longer be motivated to keep on learning. There are always more things that one can learn about programming and technology. It would be a shame to ever stop!

    Oh, and great blog πŸ™‚

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