Concept of the virtual keyword and when to use it in EF 5+

Today, I wanted to talk about eager loading versus lazy loading in entity framework. This is a very important architecture decision when initially setting up entity framework and has come up in quite a few projects over the years. I decided to blog about the two options because there is often misconceptions that revolve around […]

Namespace changes with Silverlight 8.1

Today I’m going to talk about the dreaded namespace changing (this also applies to project renaming). Most of the time, when you decide to change the project name and or namespaces in an application, there is almost always some hidden issue that pops up. It has been my experience that there is usually a different […]

JavaScript Asynchronous Callbacks

  Today we are going to discuss a scenario found often among developers working in the world of JavaScript. Especially developers that don’t come from a language that considers all functions first class objects. This scenario we will be looking at is this: Issue To Solve When you have a function that needs to be […]

Callbacks versus Closures in JavaScript

In my continued goals to get better aquainted with Javascrtipt as well as my readers, today we will discuss two features of JavsScript that confused me for a while and I think I finally got it! They are Closures and Callbacks. Other than both being related to functions, they are quite different in their definition […]

LINQ to SQL DefaultIfEmpty() usage

Introduction So today, I’m going to discuss an interesting little gem that many don’t use or use properly when doing LINQ to SQL queries. The topic of the day is the method DefaultIfEmpty(). This method is often missed when doing multiple JOINS or INNER JOINS that may or may not be what you need. I […]

New Windows App – Shopping Nanny

So as many of my viewers know, I have been starting to work on apps for the windows app store and I just completed my first app. It’s called the Shopping Nanny!. This application like many others in all the phone stores is an app for making lists for the various shopping you may do. […]